A Time of Polar Opposites


It is a time of things old,

A time of things new;

It is a time of grey skies,

And a time of skies blue.


It is a time of gradual beginnings,

A time of abrupt endings;

It is a time of knowing to be bold

And a time of self-surrendering.


It is a time of dreams come true,

A time of hopes and lives destroyed;

It is a time of scientific admiration,

And a time of environment annoyed.


It is a time of spontaneous bursts of love,

A time of inexplicable impulsive hate;

It is a time of refusing to submit to reality,

And a time of embracing what brings fate.

f19 funky tree

It is a time of promising failures,

A time of unfortunate successes;

It is a time of lack of resources,

And a time of cruel excesses.


It is a time of needless luxuries,

A time of great need;

It is a time of loving charity,

And a time of ruthless greed.


It is a time of deep fulfillment,

A time of endless longing;

It is a time of painful alienation,

And a time of finally belonging.


It is a time of times light,

A time of times dark;

It is a time of deadened hearts,

And a time of souls sparked.


It is, alas,

A time of polar opposites;

And we must strive to grow, love and flourish,

Somehow, inside of it.

And God knows Best.



Selfie Culture


*I attended a photography-poetry workshop the other day in which we had to take a picture that represents an identity of ourselves, then five minutes to come up with a poem explaining it. I decided to blog what I wrote.



We take pride in our electronic gadgets,

In our seemingly ‘invincible’ generation

Yet cut the power cord or wi-fi,

And we become lost in boredom and confusion.

We taken pride in our painted faces and bodies,

And relentlessly take selfies to prove it

Yet minus those Facebook and Instagram likes

And we become agitated and hollowly unlit.

We take pride in reasonable objects

Why shouldn’t we rejoice in how far we’ve come in life?

Yet pride in materialistic objects for the wrong reasons,

Is exactly the cause of worldly strife.


The Unthinkable Thought


Is the very thought of being alone with your thoughts really so unthinkable?


  • “I can’t do my work without headphones plugged in.”
  • “I can’t stand to go on public transportation without earphones plugged in.”
  • “I can’t focus on studies without headphones plugged in.”

When I ask a lot of these people if it’s their obsession with the music quality they can’t resist, I often get a shrug and “no, I just can’t focus if it’s silent. I need background noise, whatever it may be.”

OK, so…

Besides the problematic fact that music has gone from an art to mere background noise… there is a more significant question I would like to pose:

Is our addiction to background noise a necessity because we actually function better that way… or is it simply because we’re afraid to be listening to our own inner voices?

Is the thought of being with your own thoughts really that unthinkable?

We live in a world of noise, in which we will desperately plug anything into our ears – good music, mediocre music, crappy swear words – anything and everything – to drown out any possible survival of an inner dialogue. Distract yourself deliberately just so that you won’t hear what your inner voices are desperately trying to tell you.


We’d prefer planning for the future while mercilessly silencing the voice of the past. Let’s look ahead to making the world a better place without fixing what is damaged in the past and still affecting us now. We’d rather contemplate if a future plan can be executed right than to contemplate if what we did today, yesterday, or even presently is done in good intentions.

Do we want to consider intentions? What if they’re not as noble as others think they are?

–Plug them earphones back on.–

–Block it all out.–

–Don’t think.–

Again, I ask:

Is the mere thought of being alone with your thoughts really so unthinkable?

Time to start thinking about that. 

You might be surprised to find out how much more alive you’ll feel when you actually start listening to yourself.