Words Have Power

Stay Blossoming

My poetry is not necessarily

Remarkably great

I write because it’s an odd pleasant struggle

To unscramble my far-fetched thoughts

Into words

And somehow, allowing complete strangers relate.

I’m often asked,  why did you get into poetry?

It’s a really long story, none to do for glory

Simply, when I write a poem

The thrill is the same as finishing a painting

The canvas being the frustrated bottled feelings,

The ink bringing colour to my never-ending musings.

Poetry is a lifestyle

A means of essential clarity

Turning vague inklings of what I fancy or fear I feel

Into words acknowledging the situation as valid and real

When my mind has wars being fought inside it

Writing becomes my personal armor of sanity and mental uplift

Because as soon as I can make sense of the battles raging inside,

Then immediately all conflicts within cease and I’m fine.

Words are power,

Even if no one but yourself ever hears or reads them.

If you can put honest words to your values and truth,

Then no one and nothing can ever make you doubt your worth.

Words have power,

Even if no one but yourself ever hears or reads them.

I now write poetry to describe beauty

But my journey started with slaughtering the ugly

Notions and stereotypes people had, and still have, about me

Now I’ve written enough poetry and claimed my own truth

To no longer let anything get under my skin

Trust me,

Even if no one but yourself ever hears or reads them,

Words do have power alright

So spill out your thoughts, and write.



And Allah knows Best.


(February 2019)

Are There Really Any Words?


Words are a blessing,
That we use to express everything
But are words really enough?
Is there really a word to describe…
The longing that sweet memories cannot satisfy?
The heart-flying feeling under the umbrella of a blue sky?
The breaking sweet pain that holds the hand of healing?
The steady chaotic rhythm of events unfurling and swirling?
The melody of rising and slippery sliding hopes?
The recognition of metaphysical ropes and incredible power to cope?
The music of even anxiety, suspense, and naive expectation?
The new life breathed into one held hostage in a moment of inspiration?
The way one’s heart swells at the sounds of truth and recognition?
Oh, what can one really come to say
When there doesn’t seem to be a right way…
To describe —
longings, heart-flying feelings,
musics of states, inspiration and heart-swellings…
breaking sweet pain, chaotic steady rhythms, hope,
rising and falling melodies, and metaphysical ropes…
Are there really any words?
Romantic Red


And God knows Best.
A.S. (Dec.2, 2017)

Why Palestine?


Back in Canada, all I had to say to any friend was “I’m going to spend a few months living in Palestine,” and practically a round of applause sounded. Even my colleagues supported this decision, and that hyped me up some more. But for perplexing reasons (among them heavily affected from colonial experiences), many Palestinians living in Palestine do not share that same optimism. The moment anyone learns that I came from Canada to temporarily live in Palestine, I get the same reaction:

  • An incredulous face, along with a “My dear… what has brought you here?

Okay. I get it. Living under an illegal and dangerous occupation isn’t exactly a bliss. But this isn’t even the reason that people question my return.

What has brought me here? Why Palestine?

Well, for starters, regardless about my other career and family reasons… I’m Palestinian.

What’s up with native Palestinians not understanding why it’s perfectly legitimate for me to be here? I am a daughter of the land, after all. Once left, does it mean I would never want to come back? Here are just a few examples of things I can only really revel in Palestine:

  • Partying with aunts, uncles and cousins whom I haven’t seen in many years.
  • Listening to classical Arabic music in taxis, against the backdrop scenery of vast mountains and vineyards.
  • Being a car passenger alongside a galloping horse that is pulling a carriage of vegetables.
  • Driving through small villages and seeing donkeys, herd of sheep, and more horses alongside cars. Here, nature has the same space as technology.
  • Eating cups of corn on the go. Freshly squeezed mint lemonade. Date syrup. Grape syrup. The delight of discovering new cheesecake coffee shops here and there.
  • Speaking with the young people who have lived under occupation, yet still have such a zest and upbeat passion for life. It is not common for me to find bitter and angry teenagers here; rather, they have a hope and vision of the future, and want to be a part of building that better world.
  • When teaching an ESL class, and a Quran quote comes on screen, everyone becoming eager to recite it in perfect personalised melodies.
  • Olive trees, palm trees, and white lightbulbs gracing the streets.
  • Being pleasantly surprised how your heart can connect so easily to another’s, as though you grew up in the same house…

Palestine is an astonishing place, and it grows on you the longer you stay and give it a chance to. It has a beautiful culture, remarkable history of prophetic footsteps, a dizzying plurality of diverse people, and gorgeous landscapes. However, only those with beautiful hearts can truly appreciate the blessing of having a chance to walk on its soil.

So why Palestine? Because there’s nowhere else quite like it.

May God protect Palestine.

And He Knows Best.


Some Things Need to Break in Order to Work

Some things need to break in order to properly work.

Like your heart.

Don’t deny the pain or run from its inflicts. When you feel it breaking your heart, accept it as a guest that is here to give you a gift.

A gift of a powerful, unforgettable lesson.

Embrace the wound as a strict but very knowledgeable teacher.

Beg it to break your illusion into a million shattered pieces.

Only worse than a broken heart, is a broken heart with illusions still clung to.

Let the wound take the false thinking and unrealized hopes you harboured in your heart for so long – and break them.

Break them into countless grain-sized pieces of glass.

Like sand.

Let the desert wind take them away from your heart and scatter them in unreachable places.

Let your heart break when it does.

Let it bleed with the pain of unfulfilled wishes.

Let it turn all those ocean-deep illusions you swam in, into mere foam.

Or dust. Sand.

Let the desert wind blow them away from your heart and scatter them in untraceable places.

Into the wilderness of nothingness.

They were nothing. But your real potential to be is everything.

Let your heart break so that your resolve solidifies and makes you the person you were always meant to be.

False notions and disappointing expectations no longer holding you back.

These unfounded whims, these vain desires, these mere dreams never meant to be…

Know they were making you weaker.

Your heart breaking is the freedom you need to let go and reach new heights.

This may be hard to believe now.

I know your heart is broken now.

I know your whole being feels like an ache in a sea of bottomless despair.

But reality is not your enemy.

The reality is, what you thought was good for you is not.

These shattered dreams may have turned into a living nightmare.

The One who holds your precious heart chose to break it – temporarily.

So that your spirit, your fierceness, your resolve, are not broken – permanently.

My mother always says an Arabic proverb: الله يرحم من بكاني

May God have mercy on the one who made me cry.

(This is not referring to tears caused by someone abusing another.)

This refers to someone who speaks an unwelcome truth, that it ends up hurting another.

Unwelcome, but true.

A truth which breaks our carefully thought-out dreams is unwelcome to us.

But truth is not the enemy.

The truth is, some things have to break.

Some things need to break in order to properly work.

Like the heart.

When you feel your heart break, let it.

When you feel those cracks form, let them.

I promise it will get better.

Be receptive to the light that comes in through the cracks.

Let your delusions crumble.

Crumble into sand and dust.

And may the desert wind blow these particles far, far away from you.

Before you know it, your heart will become lighter again.

You will swim to the top and keep flying higher.

You are more worthy than you realise.

Your fate is in His hands. (What better hands to trust your fate!)

Let your heart break, because it must.

But grieve not over the broken dreams.

You are yourself a dream being realised.

“When we least expect it, what’s in the way is the way. The broken door lets in the light. The broken heart lets in the world.” (Mark Nepo)

And God knows Best.


Run, Pause, Think – & Zoom Off Again

f3 - Copy

The thought of changing your daily lifestyle, or letting go of something major, at the expense of an established comfort zone, can be a little unsettling.

And one day, you wake up and the thought is there.

It is then that it suddenly hits you how you are so busy in your routines and efforts to make the world go round, that you never ponder to think if this is really where you want to be. Is this really what I want to do? Am I investing my energies in the best possible manner? Am I spending enough time with those who are closest to me? Am I doing this thing right?

Your whole energy appears to be connected to developing the community in one way or another (and الحمد لله for that). But… wait… this community is comprised of individuals, including yourself…

Have you ever considered before developing others, if you are also developing yourself?

Sometimes you have to pause.

I am going to talk of someone, whom I will keep anonymous. (She has given me permission to write about her and even proof-read this.)

One fine morning, she pressed the Pause button.

This woman has been involved in so many activities in her community for as long as she can recall, seeming to be everywhere at once. She has recently confessed to me that she is exhausted.

Not exhausted with helping others – but exhausted with her own broken promises to help her own self flourish and grow.

I’ve been wanting to do W, X, Y, Z for the past several years,” she says, “but there never seems to be ‘enough time’. I am like too much peanut butter spread on too little bread.

When prodded, she further explains, “There are interests I wish to pursue at a greater level than the mediocre level that I am at. But never any time for the extra courses. There are knowledges I wish to delve into, languages I want to learn, a little more than the mediocre surface I’ve merely skimmed across. But never any time to empty my mind of worries connected to fulfilling so many little obligations that become a mountain, and absorb a new world. There are skills I have long been aware I am lacking, that I only know the very basics of. But never any time for practicing them.

This thinking puzzled me initially. Is the problem really that there is “never any time”? Plenty of people manage to do a gazillion things at once. In fact, many people are doing as much as she is, times five!

At this, she seems a little embarrassed – but says straight-up, honestly: “Yes, I am aware. In fact, this is why I’ve kept prolonging my goals… because I keep comparing myself to others, and thinking I can manage exactly as they do. And maybe I could, if I was as self-disciplined. But at this stage of my life, I am not so. I hate to say it, and it’s shameful to admit it, but despite how highly people regard me, I personally feel very average simply for lack of attempting to excel, and this makes me weak. There, I said it. I am weak, and cannot focus on a million things at once without the result being that I’m mediocre in a million things and not very good in any one field.

Then again, a weak person just needs training to be strong. But that training takes time.

If I can cut down doing some of the things I am doing, things that anyone else can do instead, as good (or even better!) than I… this will allow me to re-direct my extra time and energy into what will strengthen me, both academically and emotionally. Very soon again, I will resume being as busy and “involved” as I ever was, except perhaps with even more zeal now that I’d feel a little bit more myself…

colors of life

This made me consider it. We’re in a culture that is fast-paced and expects us to keep meaningfulness in what we do, doing it faster… and she’s gotten tired of running this race. She needs a time-out to reconsider where her track is leading.

Yeah. I get it. Don’t we all need our time-outs?

May God keep her, you & all of us steadfast on His path, and may He remind us to continually keep checking our intentions again and again.

The moral of the story is: it’s OK to pause; It’s OK to confront one’s flaws, just as long as one is ready to begin fixing them.

Above all, it’s OK not to run, and simply slow down

(for the sake of soon zooming off much faster in the right direction إنشاء الله).

Finally, never forget that every success and every so-called failure, happens through the will of God.

When you find yourself running… Pause. Think. And zoom off again.

And Allah knows Best.


“I’m Fine.” … But Are You?


“How are you doing today?”

“Oh, I’m good. Just fine actually.”

… Are you?

On the way to work, on a bumpy road inside a crowded city bus, I often find myself thinking about the most random of thoughts.Today’s spontaneous reflections revolved around a word.


I muse over this word – good. This simply spelled and spellingly simple one-syllabus sound that everyone, including myself, quickly claim to live within. Some call it fine; some well. It’s still all good.

Now let’s see: my day was good. Your day was good. Things are good here and things are good there. Apparently, we’re all just a bunch of content folks, always feeling good about our circumstances… all day, everyday. (That’s “good”, no?)

Interestingly, we all say “I’m good”, although we may be experiencing very different things, perhaps dramatically so. It only makes me wonder: when good is associated with such vague implications, often followed with little to no explanations – that one word keeping the listener hanging in suspense as to what good could possibly mean to the speaker – it sometimes makes me muse:

Do we even know what being “good” is at all, at the frequency that we use it?

Perhaps we all do, and here I am senselessly over-thinking something (wouldn’t be the first, and certainly won’t be the last time). Let’s look at this optimistically: perhaps we DO all have this invisible yet present voice within us that assures us, “tired you may be right now, emotionally exhausted you might feel, but HEY, things are good! Yeah, you tell’em the way it is! Things are fine, baby!” So you happily trust your instinct and blurt out “I’m fine!” with such adorable confidence, that it is only after you have spoken you realize the other hadn’t finished asking the “how are you” question. (Oops.)

But then again… maybe we don’t know what good is at all. Maybe we still don’t know ourselves well enough to understand how we’re feeling and why. Perhaps this is why we seek refuge in the all-encompassing “good”, “well”, “fine”, and thus successfully and gracefully sneaking out of possibly opening up to one another.

Ok, please allow me to be clear about something before you misunderstand the point of this post:

I’m not here to tell you to always be so explicit about your daily business to EVERY “how are you” you receive out of mere politeness. I know a lot of people don’t really want to know, or really care, how you’re doing.

But there are people who do care, and by simple means of a habitual response we give automatically- that “I’m fine” without thinking – sometimes walls that are not intended to be put up are suddenly there. Because the asker is left wondering, Um, should I prod further? Or is this brief answer an indication to keep my nose out of it? The question hangs nervous in midair, like a pair of shoes dangling from cables outside uncertainly.


But if there is someone you truly care about, and all you’ve been recieving from her or him lately is “I’m good/fine” responses the past few times you’ve asked how are you out of genuine concern for their happiness… then perhaps you may want to tentatively start knocking down that invisible wall that mysteriously started to separate you two without either of you noticing it was being built through all those awkward silences.

“I’m glad to hear you’re doing good. So… Can you tell me what good is for you?”

Don’t do it out of nosiness. Don’t do it just because you’re curious, but have no plans of actively listening should the other suddenly break down in tears before you, or burst out with exciting news. Don’t do it as a social experiment to see how easily people will open up to you – because it seems that more and more people want to open up in this individualistic world that seems so closed.

Do it because you care. If society is going to keep playing the “hi how are you, oh I’m fine, goodbye now” boring game without reason, except to keep up conventional niceties – then we are going to simply become robotic in our interactions with one another.

I mean well, and I truly hope you are well, good and fine when you say you are, in the true sense of the word:

good word

So how are you doing? 🙂


(And God knows Best.)


Imagine Time Differently

mauve petals

Time. Imagine we imagined it differently.

We use it to set deadlines for ourselves, to be efficient, to develop punctuality as a trait, to set meeting times. We use time.

We use it to remind us when to put aside our distractions and pray, to help us realize if a goal is realistically attainable or not, for storytelling purposes, and to describe it with calendars and stopwatches. We use time.

We use it to determine if someone has learning disabilities, for communication within relationships, for organizational structures… And all the while that we try to capture the most of time, the clock hand is going tick tock tick tock tick tock…


We use it for so much more than even this.

How wonderfully simpler life becomes for us if we used time in a way to help us achieve our goals, rather than making it the end goal in and of itself.

Wouldn’t life be ideal if time was a friend for us, and not an enemy?

Imagine we used time as a tool to guide us, rather than as a factor to judge us.

Imagine we didn’t rush to label people as lazy, stupid, or “learning-disabled”, all because they couldn’t memorize a book’s worth of contents as rapidly as some other kids; they simply needed more time to process the information.

Imagine we didn’t pride ourselves on how little time a task was done, all because we fooled ourselves we were ‘saving time’ in the process, while really what we were doing was building weak unstable foundations that would take so much more time in the future to re-build.

Imagine we taught the importance of deep change, and taught that real change occurs in incremental bits over an extended period of time, and it’s OK that just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, our world now won’t heal itself in a day either.

Imagine we stopped making rash decisions based on our desire to speed things up, and learned patience from our wise elders that are viewed by the younger generation as merely foolish and “behind the times”.

Imagine we cared more for effectiveness as a value, rather than solely focusing on efficiency.

Imagine that we understood the significance of time as a companion in helping us build solid relationships out of trust, understanding and empathy, which takes real commitment and silencing of the ego – no easy, rapid feat – rather than expect “love at first sight” split seconds to determine one’s fate.


Imagine we understood that time is for us, and not against us.

There as a light to help us on our journey, but we spend our lives cursing it and viewing it with a form of hatred – popular quotes such as “time is a slut, she screws everyone over” emphasize this.

Does time, our well-meaning companion, screw us over,

or do we ignore her presence and then by default, screw ourselves?


“Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it,

and others do just the same with their time.” – Goethe


Truly, time is remarkable. Let us marvel that we are even allowed to exist within its frame, and stop considering it lacking simply because we don’t own eternity of it.

And God knows best.


Life’s Plot Twists

f15 f16

I read an amusing quote this morning that made the writer in me smile:

“When something goes wrong in your life, just yell, “Plot twist!” and move on.”

I really liked it. As I had just completed reading Pride and Prejudice this morning, it all rang more in my mind. Upon editing some photographs I took over the weekend, it occurred to me that the combination above of the two photos can visually summarize the ‘life is full of plot twists’ notion…

Sometimes you think you’re at the top of the world – internal Superman – with your facts, smugness, and attitude; only for some concealed points to be revealed. Suddenly your situation is flipped upside down on its head so abruptly in a dramatic “plot twist”. Somehow you’re still standing, but you’re confused where you now stand and it all seems a bit absurd. Your prejudices are made apparent to you, and maybe even your pride.

Your life story is a plot, and whenever your expectations or assumptions are shunned, a plot twist of some sort occurs. Good or bad, they are worth living. And besides – they were always meant to live. Ali Ibn Abi Talib said,

“Oh God, when I lose my hopes and plans, help me remember that Your love is greater than my disappointments, and Your plans for my life are better than my dreams.”

I await to see what the next chapter of my life holds.

And God knows Best.



The Astonishing Thing




The astonishing thing about certain people

Is that they’re not very much like all other people.


Some people are like the sparkling starry sky

Who continue to shine out and reflect in mortals’ eyes

Years long after they’ve gone down the road

Who even in the distance, make an impression bold

A star that persists to burn brightest

Even when the nights are darkest –

Some people are like stars.

Some people are like the mountainous landscapes

But whose greatness is determined neither by size nor strength

But rather by noble and quiet deed

Upon the praising of God do their souls deliciously feed

A mountain that maintains its pegs in the mantle below

While peaking upwards to the sky, aspiring further to go –


Some people are like mountains.

Some people are like a luscious forest of trees

Whose roots are firmly grounded to earth, in humility

Whose hearts experience rebirth, seeking His Majesty

A tree that starts from a seed, and soon, behold

Its mysteries contained of beauty and stories of old –


Some people are like trees.

Some people are like the soothing wind

A cool gentle breeze, just as soon as you please

A wind that takes one’s breath away

Whose wisdom makes one’s thoughts joyfully stray

(And since the breeze don’t show it,

Of its awesomeness, it don’t know it) –


Some people are like the wind.

All people are like people,

But some people are beyond

Some people are like the guiding stars,

The glorious mountains,

The fruitful trees,

The merciful breeze,

And all things in this world that God makes beautiful.


Some people are all these things,

And some people are more, too

For what’s most astonishing of all,

Is that some people,

Are you.