Are There Really Any Words?


Words are a blessing,
That we use to express everything
But are words really enough?
Is there really a word to describe…
The longing that sweet memories cannot satisfy?
The heart-flying feeling under the umbrella of a blue sky?
The breaking sweet pain that holds the hand of healing?
The steady chaotic rhythm of events unfurling and swirling?
The melody of rising and slippery sliding hopes?
The recognition of metaphysical ropes and incredible power to cope?
The music of even anxiety, suspense, and naive expectation?
The new life breathed into one held hostage in a moment of inspiration?
The way one’s heart swells at the sounds of truth and recognition?
Oh, what can one really come to say
When there doesn’t seem to be a right way…
To describe —
longings, heart-flying feelings,
musics of states, inspiration and heart-swellings…
breaking sweet pain, chaotic steady rhythms, hope,
rising and falling melodies, and metaphysical ropes…
Are there really any words?
Romantic Red


And God knows Best.
A.S. (Dec.2, 2017)

Oh, Those Emotional Roller Coasters

Dedicated to anyone who likes roller coasters and metaphors.


The function of a roller coaster is to make you forget the world for a few minutes as your body is taken on an exhilarating adventure meters higher in the air than you are accustomed to. Not only do you approach cloud #9 physically, but you do so mentally as well. The thrilling sensation created by the exciting anticipation of being suddenly rotated around a circular track with the physics of centripetal force has your emotions at maximum intensity.

Now I just described one of my favorite amusement rides: the physical roller coaster.

But what do people mean when they say they are on an emotional roller coaster? Well, I cannot speak on their behalf, but I can certainly speak on mine.

In a physical roller coaster, things are simple.

  • There is a starting location, and an end location.
  • There is a set timing for how long each ride will last.
  • Because there is a designated person controlling the ride, you can be assured that you’ll get by in one piece,
  • Get all the way through,

And all you must do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Emotional roller coasters are a little more complicated.

Whereas a flux of various emotions are experienced on the physical ride – suspense, excitement, fear, joy, and so forth – they are all validated, expected, and hence most warmly welcomed as the norm.

But life often puts you in circumstances that you cannot see what the end result looks like, situations that you do not know how long your nerves must be put to the test, and something seems to go seriously wrong along this metaphorical ride…

You see, in an emotional roller coaster, you are not taken on a complete 360 degree turn; at least not in one swift shot. No no, you are rotated at most 180 degrees from the bottom so that you are now upside down. There is no human controlling this so the “ride” is halted midway for an indefinite period of time. Here you are, just hanging upside down as the blood rushes to your head, and you simply cannot ignore what you can’t stop thinking about.

You realize you’re experiencing a range of complicated emotions, and the more you try to rationalize them, the more sophisticatedly complex they become.

In these awkward circumstances, it can be hard to know how to feel and remain in an internally balanced state. The only way to do this is to remind yourself, for your own sake, that although there isn’t a human controlling this whirlwind of a ride, this is all part of a plan from the Best of all Planners.

Once this fact is internalized, it is easier to accept the fact that you’re going to be left hanging upside down, midway on this circular metaphysical track, until you learn to trust in your Creator and His wisdom.

Brace yourself to be content for whatever is to come next.

Oh, those emotional roller coasters. Might as well learn to enjoy the ride while I’m on it.


And Allah knows best.


Unwelcome Emotions

There is nothing more frustrating

Than knowing how you should feel

But yet a flow of the total opposite

Of emotions seem more real…

You know what is required:

Put in your all, rely on Allah…

Do your best toward success…

Then smile and put your mind to rest.

Theoretically, hopefully

Ideally so

Sounds easy, no?

But for some reason your heart starts whispering “uh oh”…

You think, “I know better,

I won’t let this be”–

Still, unwelcome emotions

Creates a new reality…

So instead you get agitated

And stressed out and uptight

As if stuck in a dark cave,

With no light in sight.

You know you should feel assured

Assured, grateful and blessed

But you’ll feel angry at the world

And angrier at yourself for failing the test…

And you know you’re failing it

For the test is to be patient

But since impatience is where you’re at

Obviously your level of progress remains flat…

So you feel guilty for feeling ingrateful

Then deny those feelings all the same

You’d prefer to complain about your situation

Than changing the rules of the game.

How many times will you hear,

“Have faith, this is just a test!

So long as you hold tight to that rope

The outcomes will surely be the best!”

And so, you tried to be patient,

And you tried (and tried and tried) to be strong

But for all your efforts, it’s only when it’s over

You realize that God was there all along.

And shame overwhelms you

For how could you forget?

Your heart knew it somehow

But your actions showed neglect.

You knew there was a Being

Much stronger than you

You knew there was a Being

Much wiser than you.

A Being who drew a map

Of your life before you existed

Who solved all your problems

Before you even resisted.

And now that it’s over

It’s like you see the light

You were in the wrong direction

Yet now the negativity has taken off in flight.

You now smile and laugh in pleasure

Proud in how you handled it so well

Only until you fall into another pit hole

And the negativity is back to dwell.

When will we learn to change our mindsets

To realize each day and hour is simply another test?

And that the easier path is not always the right one?

Convictions shouldn’t change when the easy times are gone.

May God keep us steadfast

In actions and deeds

And in emotions that are healthy

For our hearts to feed…

Because man, let me tell you

And I’m sure you know it, too:

There is nothing more frustrating

Than knowing what you should feel

But yet a flow of the total opposite

Of emotions seem more real.


October.15, 2011