About This Blog

Hey y’all!

Welcome to a very mind-yummy website blog!

My name is Aya, a Saudi-born Palestinian-Canadian McGill graduate. I am a high school science teacher currently working in an educational technology startup, with tutoring sprinkled throughout my time. My passions include poetry, painting, drawing, writing, authentic dabka, reading, swinging in the park and spending time with family.

I can’t give you a clear-cut description of what this website consists of because it varies from post to post. Poetry, reflections, quotes, spirituality, personal and self-development are just some key topics that come up again and again.

In a nutshell, the purpose is:

a never-ending struggle to express an agitated hurricane of complex thoughts into a calm stream of steady words.

I wish you a most beautiful day filled with warmth and blessings. :)



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