Just a Little Bruised

Ferris Wheel

How to describe this transition?
From highest elevation
To rock-bottom descension
Without the merest expectation.
Heavy long hours
And many a day passes,
And my heart…
Such peculiar sensations it amasses.
How to describe it?
Maybe it’s full to the brim,
Overwhelmed with risk of flood
But it equally feels hollow and empty,
Doing naught but pumping blood.
Maybe it’s very
Lightly cracked
From the constant stream
Of disappointment attacks.
Or hey.
Maybe it’s only a little bit bruised.
Maybe it’s a little purple here,
There a little blue
Maybe the real source of the pain is that you insist to remain true
To you
Among those who don’t have a clue
About their own values.
Maybe your heart is bruised
Because you keep assuming the best
In those who then shatter your hopes
And reveal to be mediocre like the rest.
Honesty is the best policy
But here’s the tragic irony:
That with the wrong people, when honesty has spoken
You may prepare your heart to get broken.
You may think it’s broken
But honey, that thought is just poison.
Because broken needs repair
And you don’t need fixing –
At least nothing beyond a breath of fresh air.
 It’s just a little bruised.
 A little crinkled, perhaps, but you can smooth it
With a warm meal here,
A little melody there
Indulge yourself in goodness
Speak to God with your soul stripped bare.
Breathe a little sunshine in,
Breathe a few snowflakes out
And before you know it,
The frustrating puzzle piece does fit.
Your heart is fuller than ever before
And one day you wonder, your doubts left behind on shore,
While you breathe the last snowflake out,
Why you can’t recall what the bruising was ever about.



Slice of Heaven


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