Bliss Amidst Chaos


Photo by Aya Salah

“We are the memory keepers and the trappers of time;

stealers of stolen glances and breathless lungs from all that have been taken away.

We are the noticers of subtle signs hidden in plain sight by a benevolent universe bigger than we’d ever believe.

We are the thieves of buried fears and the confidence left behind, left like jingling coins under sleeping pillows after first teeth have been carried off.

We are the leapers and the builders of wings on the fall of flying.

We are the distractionless wanderers and the destinationless travelers and we are the crumpled map that never got packed to join us.

We are the cinematic lovers and the translucent curtains saturated in light.

The soundtrack to the moments without sounds (…) We, says the last string pulled out,

the final string that kept it all together, balled up tight, filling us after all this time,

We, are the chasers of the light.”

(Tyler Gregson)

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