“Justice in Gaza” – A Poem

I initially wrote this poem on December.30, 2008. The sad reality is that it still applies today, 6 years later. 


Allow them to finally vote

But doom them for their voice

Collectively punish an entire population—

Did I hear freedom of choice?


Have them trapped and unable to escape

Surrounded by an endlessly high fence

Starve them and prevent any outside aid—

Oh right, in self-defence?


Aim for worrisome settlements

But kill several thousands on the way

Injure yet more thousands, too—

Collateral damage, did you say?


“Gaza is guilty”—But of course!

Forgive my ignorance, pardon me!

It just never crossed my mind

How threatening infants could be!


It was shocking enough that a humanitarian crisis

Has been occurring since 2008, as we can clearly see

So for the sake of basic humanity,

Just leave Gaza be!




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