Dabka Is Resistance

painting by  Ahlam Al Faqih 3

Painting by Ahlam Al Faqih


It’s not just a dance

(Though, admittedly, dancing it is)

It’s not just a great workout

(Though, let me tell you… the cardio…!)

It’s not just a form of entertainment

(Though entertaining to watch, it definitely is…)

It is, above all, cultural resistance.

When I, a Palestinian, do the dabka

in a relaxed setting,

What I am essentially saying with my body is:

I’m not forgetting

The past

Not forgiving the present situation

Not giving in to an illegal occupation –

I resist.

They may have the land – for now

But occupy our reasoning – just how

Can they expect us to foolishly give in

Our falafels as theirs and keffiyehs as fashion

What’s next – will Arabic

be their “own” language as well

While expecting us to meekly submit

behind the apartheid walls we dwell?

I resist.

Divide a community with a wall

And spill all the blood they want,

Yet there is One taking their every deed in account

Whether they remember it or not

Be you from the East or West, it doesn’t matter where

As long as in the name of justice we resist

To be divided in spirit.

From Gaza to Ramallah to Jerusalem,

Join hands in a circle and do the dabka

From Hebron to Nablus to Jenin,

Join hands in a circle and do the dabka

From every corner of Palestine,

And all the way to Canada,

I’ll join hands – no, hearts in a circle and do the dabka,

I’ll join hearts in a circle and do the dabka.

 flowery palestine

Dabka is resistance

To becoming bitter from anger and abuse

Dabka is resistance

To being blinded from the truth

Dabka is resistance

To becoming passive and neglectful

Dabka is resistance

To ever stop being proactive and hopeful

In His mercy and His will

To fix things still, oh –

Dabka is resistance.

Dabka is

Strong spirits, strong minds,

Strength of kindness one of a kind

Strong characters, strong perseverance

Strength of ongoing patient endurance.

And it shows with every bold step that we take

With every synchronized step that we make

And every graceful wave that is waved –

Dabka is resistance.

dabka ladies


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