I think it should be called: The Palestine Taboo

-I can totally relate.
“I don’t trumpet Palestine. Although I love it. I ache for it. I want to defend it and its honour. I want to help its people who are fighting for freedom and human rights. […] Mostly, we are fighting for a fair representation of who we are. We are not violent nor less important. We are a beautiful people. Our history and culture have been covered by something called Israel. So, I think it’s the Palestine Taboo. What many people don’t like to talk about, because they are talking about Israel.”

Here goes

A dear acquaintance just published an article entitled: ”The Israel Taboo. Money and sex aren’t the only things Canadians don’t talk about” in the January – February 2014 edition of The Walrus Magazine.

Joseph Rosen then asked me to take part in a roundtable about his article at the Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore in Montreal.

I shared the stage with Joseph, the author of the article, The Israel Taboo, Eric Scott, a filmmaker, and Yakov Rabkin, a university professor.

I was flattered, touched and grateful for Joseph’s generosity. He didn’t have to.

The Israel Taboo is written by a man who is Jewish, explaining his Jewish education, and his view on the effect of a traumatic narrative and historical violence on generations. Jewish generations.

I, a Palestinian by heritage from my Dad, read this article and felt a mirrored education, traumatic narrative and historical violence seep into my…

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