In The Moment ~


هل فرشت العشب ليلا …وتلحفت الفضا

زاهدا في ما سياتي ناسيا ما قد مضى؟

وسكوت الليل بحر…موجه في مسمعك

وبصدر الليل قلب خافق في مضجعك

اعطني الناي وغن … وانسى داء ودواء

انما الناس سطور كتبت لكن بماء

-خليل جبران 

[Attempted translation]

Have you spread the earth as your mattress, and blanketed yourself in the stars

Neglectful of what will be, and forgetful of what was?

And the silence of the night is an ocean, whose every sound is heard

Give me a flute and I’ll play; forget sickness and its medicine

Humans are but lines written down in water.

-Khalil Gibran

It’s The Kind of Tired



Aching muscles down to the bone

Mild headache beginning to form

Lacking sleep, can’t wait for sunset-

Drained of energy, with a beyond hopeless mindset-


Such is the profession of teaching for me.



It’s the kind of tired after an intense workout session

The kind that makes you fall back happily onto a soft cushion

The energy released during a basketball game

Or post dabka-dance training kinda pain…



It’s the kind of tired headache you get

From watching too many awesome movies on your TV set

Of living in a disconnected, different world temporarily

Where dreams and hopes are yet to be…



It’s the kind of tired sleepy when you’ve

Been up til late partyin’

Except my partying these days is prepping for topics,

Laboratories and trying to keep it relevant…



It’s the kind of tired no-more-energy in me

Because I gave it to 100 kids today so freely

Yet it simply takes a nap or a jog

To kick-start the energetic me…



It’s the kind of tired hopelessness

That I can find something as satisfying as this.


For every good day – positive adrenaline

For every bad day – determined adrenaline

For every adventure I have with my master key

Stealing moments in classrooms to pray within unseen…


It’s the kind of tired I’m happy to be.

 الحمد لله



Written Nov.6/13 while waiting for the bus.