Planning For The Broken Staircase

clock plan

You’re a planner.

Schedules, calendars, alarms and over-achieving to-do lists are all things you take pains to do, daily, in order to aspire you. Like the typical organized person, you tend to plan every meticulous step you intend to take.

This is not bad. Planning is a good thing. There is a memorable saying:

“There is no intelligence greater than planning.” [Hadith]

Another common expression we hear often is “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

So there you are, a planner of excellence, a planner of dreams and accomplishments… but there comes a time, if not many times, when the fruits of your effort get hit on a dead end.

One day you wake up and realize the staircase you meant to climb has missing steps. Tried as you might, you simply could not have foreshadowed that there’d be missing steps on the staircase you did not have access to until now.

No matter; there is a ladder conveniently next to it and you climb it instead, regardless of where it will take you…

staircase globe

Where you had pictured yourself to be, and where you are right now, are two very different things. After all your careful planning and deliberate execution, you had no choice but to climb the foreign ladder before you; and now that you look down from where you are, your eyes widen in pleasant surprise: what a lovely view from the top!

Such is life. You plan the smallest details for the grandest plans you have envisioned for yourself – as you should! – but it’s worth noting that what you plan for and what the outcome is, is often something you did not expect at all. In many cases, unexpected as it is, it is a most welcome surprise nonetheless, because you would never have thought of it otherwise.

And so, as of now, I will plan with a different mindset. I will plan for good things to come, but stop planning for my plans to come to be as I see them… because there is the Best of Planners watching over the whole scheme, who has a different view of things, a mightier, more complete, more merciful view…

An unknown author wrote this:

“The secret of unfolding flowers is not known to such as I

Allah opens this flower so sweetly, then in my hands they die

If I cannot unfold a rosebud, this flower of Allah’s design…

Then how can I have the wisdom, to unfold this life of mine?

The pathway that lies before me, only Allah knows

I’ll trust Him to unfold the moments, just as He unfolds the rose.”

 baby rosebud

As of now, I will continue to plan, but in the hopes of being pleasantly surprised with something better.

Wishing the same for you, all the best!


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