Goin’ With The Flow

I met someone the other day. The encounter made me a little sad; she was everything I’d expected but fervently hoped not to be. How can anyone live a life without meaning or purpose… just going with the flow… like a captain on a ship who has neither compass on hand nor is willing to try steering the ship, but merely vainly hoping the flow will take the ship somewhere totally worth it in the end. Just goin’ with the flow. May God enlighten all of our paths with the light of true meaning and hope.

Goin’ With The Flow


Do what I’m told cuz my soul has been sold

To the greedy sleazy manipulative persons

Whose words are all lies, deceit, bribes and cursin’

But no need to stress because no fuss, yes–

I’m just goin’ with the flow cuz it’s all I know.

Drink til I’m brain dead cuz I should, they said

Forget who I am cuz I don’t have a plan

Avoid thinking real for fear that I might kneel

To a power higher than my physical desires–

So I’ll just go with the flow cuz it’s all I know.

For a moment I see a light, and there might be more to life

I stare mesmerized at it, but I don’t think I can fit

I’m not used to making rules, I’m usually just a tool

To advance someone’s agenda, swallow in the propaganda…

So I’ll just go with the flow cuz it’s all I know.

Please understand, your opinion determines if I fall or stand

I’m just afraid of being judged, afraid they’ll hold a grudge

They who hold the power to my self-esteem in low esteem

But still I worship the ground they walk because for me at least they talk…

For I’ve no words to say, even if I did I couldn’t say’em anyway-

It’s tough; this materialistic life is rough

So it’s easier to put on a show and pretend that I know

When all I really know is… you know–

How to go with the flow cuz it’s all I know.

So I’m back to square one before I even left it

I’d rather be invisible in a crowd than a visible misfit

Rather be a nameless face, from memory easily erased

Than to make a momentary effort of thinking graced-

There isn’t much that I know

Except how to keep silent and go with the flow.

I’ll keep an open-mind but there’s actually strings behind

I’ll text long distance on my phone but remain in my safe zone

Of not thinking, not reflecting, not ever questioning why

Why I’m doing, how I’m doing, should I be doing this til I die–

All I know is that I go with the flow cuz it’s all I know.


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