The Flavor of Taste

choco guitar

You know when you get so used to something enriching, it often unfortunately becomes a part of routine and hence is no longer appreciated?

Like the fact you walk. When you were only learning, you were probably very aware of your legs, of your focus in trying to keep balance, in your sense of pride as you managed to wobble across the room into your mother’s arms. Although your small baby brain didn’t register it as such, this amazing ability of human beings to balance themselves on two feet is an outstanding blessing.

But now, I’ll run up an entire staircase with my mind preoccupied on something totally unrelated, and then vaguely wonder how I managed not to trip; and then I think to myself, how did my legs take me where I wanted to go, even while I wasn’t consciously thinking of the destination? My legs got used to walking and long ago stopped waiting for my full attention to be focused on them in order to function.

Routine: it can turn something beautiful into something mundane, solely because thought is no longer given to it.

Now lately, since midterms and final exams are not weighing on my thoughts anymore, when I’m not reading or writing poetry on the buses and metros, I’ve taken to reflecting on basic things humans have, that we’ve become so immune to that we fail to realize we are living among God’s greatest miracles every second of our lives.

Taste was today’s subject of scattered thoughts.



My friend recommended me to try out Second Cup’s drink of “London Fog with soy milk and sugar”. I had no idea what that was, so she needed to write it down for me on paper and I read it out loud to the kind lady behind the cashier. It turned out to be a kind of tea with milk and foam and I added chocolate sprinkles and vanilla powder and sugar to the top.

My taste buds exploded. YUM!

It was ever so elegantly delicious and exquisite. The lyrics from a song burst out playing in my mind, “Wheeeeerrrre have you been… all my liiiiife… all my life?”

(All that is to say, it was pretty good.)

The thought then occurred to me that so often, we just take the gift of taste for granted. It’s like we assume we deserve to enjoy the experience of eating, when in reality feeding the body is not so much about pleasure as it is about survival.

And yet God gives us taste, because He wants us to  thank Him for allowing us to take pleasure in addition to merely surviving.

We could easily have been beings who could feel hunger and satisfy it with food, without really having different flavours to intensify the experience. But in His abundant Mercy and Love, God bestowed upon us the gift of taste.

We don’t really need meticulously picky taste buds to taste our food, in order to know that we are no longer starving to death and have been nourished. He could’ve given us one type of plant that contained all the vitamins and minerals necessary to have a strong healthy body. But God in His infinite wisdom gave us so much more than that, and so much more than we deserve…

Taste is one of the many flavors of life… May we discover the other flavors and appreciate them.

الحمد لله

cheesecake and coffee


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