Her Beauty Quest


I was asked to perform some spoken word at the Pearls of the World Fashion Show this evening. I realized none of my poetry is really girly-orientated… so I whipped this up on the city bus yesterday (trying to ignore the fact the woman next to me was reading every word I wrote over my shoulder the whole time). 

Her Beauty Quest

beauty quest

She spends her entire life seeking it

Searching, dreaming,

Paying all she has for it–

But she still hasn’t found it.

She can’t find it

By looking in the wrong place

Some misconceptions won’t let her move forward

Unless them she’d erase–



Me to tell you


They tell her.

They tell her

True beauty means she must

Look like that girl, that actress

Always compare herself to them

And always them to impress

Be as skinny as a twig

Change hair styles like a wig

Eyeshadow colors that gives off a look of bruised eyes

Seems ugly is the new beauty –  magazines can’t lie!

They tell her

She would be more kissable if she puffed up those lips

Practically grow claws on her fingertips

Be more successful with a little cleavage showing

Wear super short skirts even when it’s snowing–

When they told her such

She obeyed them, pretty much

She read up on every fashion news feed

Spent SO much money on cosmetics in greed

But so much time passes, and she sees no result

She still feels so insecure; could she be at fault?

Why wasn’t there improvement, even slight as sprinkles?

Nothing to show her efforts except, well– some early wrinkles

They told her to be beautiful

She must embark on this superficial beauty quest

But a wise man once said that physical beauty

Is merely a stepping stone to pass the real test

If she’d only say,

With an open heart everyday:

Oh Allah, as You have made my appearance beautiful, make my character beautiful.”

Now this begs the question:

How could you find something you don’t know you already have?

drop perfect

Physical beautiful will eventually pass

Unless it’s retained with good character in a tight grasp

So why would she want what fades

Without seeking also what lasts?

And she is beautiful now

If she would only allow

Herself to embark on a real beauty quest

To seek out the type that will outshine the rest…


Comes from confidence in herself

Because she knows Who’s got her back

Comes from a nurtured intellect

To keep her on the right track


Comes from eyes that see blessings

That shed tears when she repents from sinning

Comes from a heart that can empathize, and deeply feel

A heart that results in actions sincere, genuine and real


Comes from a tongue that speaks kindness

That won’t allow any filth to touch it like gossip

Comes with a wise spirit, from listening and acting right

With a sharp mind that won’t accept being manipulated without a fight

It comes from contemplation, self-knowledge and strong faith

BEAUTY comes in so many forms that all combine to create…

— YOU.



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