Sky Fall – A Reminder

Every time a blanket of helplessness & hopelessness covers me spontaneously (probably due to stress and lack of sleep for consecutive nights on end), I find great comfort in these simple yet seemingly magical words by Dr. A’id al-Qarni from the book Don’t Be Sad:

“The One who is protecting your faith is the One Who is preventing the sky from falling to the earth.”


You can’t help but feel a little ridiculous after that… I mean, what are you worried about? No matter how overwhelmed you may feel, the sky remains up there. The All-Powerful is making sure that the sky will remain up and firm in its purpose.

So why doubt for a moment He will let you fall or let you fail in yours?

-Just a much-needed reminder for myself and anyone who might find benefit in this. It’s easier to forget than remember sometimes.

الحمد الله


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