Days, Nights & Hearts

*Dedicated to Rwan, who is the sister that shares a room with me and is gracious & kind enough to never mind it when I put the lights on while she is still asleep.

*Inspired by surat Al-Hadeed.

what we soil

Translation: “He merges Night into Day, and He merges Day into Night; and He has full knowledge of the secrets of (all) hearts.”

Normally when I come across that exquisitely divine verse, my mind immediately begins to visualize

a beautiful horizon,

artistically colorful skies while the sun sets or rises,

the stunning glory of His creation–


One can’t help but be in awe of such Majesty!

But on a smaller scale– it made me think of something else today. Something so simple, so mundane, so not-sophisticated-and-wondrous, that I am astounded and even slightly ashamed why it only occurred to me until now. (Yeah, I know you’re hanging there in suspense right now, so I’ll be a little more explicit.)

OK, let’s pause for a moment, and stop visualizing sunsets and skies for a moment.

Let’s consider vocabulary.

هو يولج: “Allah merges“… MERGES. What does it mean to merge something into another?

According to

I have never properly considered the blessings of the day merging into the night. But imagine this: imagine during nighttime, the sky is black. And then without warning, come dawn, just like a light switch, your room is flooded with bright sunshine. The result will be you waking up every morning dazed, annoyed, blinded temporarily and unable to do anything but squint, and last but not least, you will be wondering if you’re still asleep and this is part of a dream, or you’ll wake up totally confused wondering what your name is, where you are or who you are–

BASICALLY, sort of like this, to summarize it:

Something so simple, just thinking about how you wake up, and how Compassionate God is to allow us to gradually, slowly and peacefully get out of bed, escapes our minds often. Sure, most of us are too lazy and tired in the morning to appreciate waking up from our sweet dreams, but at least we’re not crashing into walls because our eyes simply can’t open and function.

But that’s not all. (I hope you didn’t think I was gonna end this post with a jungle man from Jumanji.)


The ending of the ayah is such a comfort, that I prefer to think of it as the very essence of bliss…

“… and He has full knowledge of the secrets of (all) hearts.”

I think the basic need of every human being is to be loved, but you can’t love someone you don’t know. No matter who you meet that tells you they love you, you might always have this seed of doubt in you that tells you: but they don’t know EVERYTHING about me. If they knew about X, Y or Z, would they still like me as much? So in reality, you probably wouldn’t want someone knowing everything about you. We all have a certain degree of ugliness in us, let’s be completely honest– otherwise there would be no need for inner-self jihad as a lifelong journey.

But supposing you knew someone, who did know even the ugly details of you, and still loved you all the same. There would never be anything that can replace the value of such a relationship.

Well, God is that some (and only) One. He has the full knowledge of what is in your heart, and still loves you enough to welcome you again and again, every time you forget and then remember, every time you sin and then repent, every time you reject and then accept…

Basically, every time you stray and get lost, His door is always open for you to come back home.


~And Allah knows best.


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