My Superhero Has An Incredible Work Ethic


Dedicated to the most precious person to me immediately after my (mother, my mother, my mother): my father.

I remember on the first day of my final internship, I had a meeting with my supervisor for the first time. After finding out that I’d come in earlier in the week to inquire about the content to be taught and I’d already begun planning the lesson plans before the internship actually started– she told me this one statement that she kept repeating every time she saw me for an evaluation, and even included it in my reference letter. She said I had something called

“Incredible work ethic”

I guess it makes sense, since the only contexts she’s ever seen me in are at my most productive and highest-energy-peak ones. I know the dark side of procrastination, though, so this statement pinched me with guilt, and still does. It kept (and still keeps) me trying harder to actually attain “an incredible work ethic”.


There are wonderful people, however, (superheros I like to call them), who have this; who have such an incredible work ethic and don’t know it; or if they do, don’t stop working so hard even with the acknowledgement that they should give themselves a break.

My mother is the first person who comes to mind, naturally. Another person is him:

He is strong as a lion, gentle as a gazelle
Works hard and long all day,
I’m sure he gets bored,
Yet never has something negative to say
No matter how tired he is,
He will come home with a smile,
Usually bringing yummy treats,
And ready to joke in the meanwhile
He will go out of his way to make sure
Everyone around him is as comfortable as can be
For instance when my friend stays over past 11 PM
He won’t allow the bus and drive her home with me
No matter how early I wake up, he’s already awake
He does not use his weekends to relax
He uses it to work around the house,
Freshening up the interior appearance to the max
He has talents no other chemical engineer claims
Somehow he knows sewing machines, making curtains,
Building balconies, flooring, and trust me, much more remains!
Although we may not agree on everything,
I surely can and do tell him everything
He knows my academic frustrations, my hopes, my dreams,
We discuss politics, religions, and topics serene   
Heck, I won’t care if he’s in the same room
While I pour my heartaches to my mom
Until we ask for his opinion, to give his input
Does he leap in with wisdom so calm
Boring as it might be looking after finances,
And tired as he is after work,
He will make the effort and time,
To find ways to give us a perk
Got a driving test coming up?
He’ll give driving lessons to you
Feel like singing with your off-key voice in the car?
He’ll smile and allow that, too
With all the patience of a man that has nothing better to do…
He is strong as a lion, gentle as a gazelle,
He is my role model,
My protector,
My friend,
My advisor,
My teacher,
My superhero,
And ultimately,
He is my father.

‘Love’ is too meek of a word, I think… or has become so, due to its being used all too often even when describing food. I feel much more than love towards him. There is also that overwhelming sense of gratitude that keeps me feeling guilty because I know I’m not expressing it properly…   

With regards to patience and incredible work ethic,

he is my ‘ayah’ (sign).




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