Poetic Riddle: Titleless


First blog post of 2013. Does time ever fly. May 2013 bring us all more relief, tranquility, happiness, love, success, trials we overcome triumphantly, and all the good stuff in life that make us better people. (Amen!)

So this poem was written a couple of days ago. Normally I give my poems a title, which is the logical thing to give any piece of writing– but the title of this riddle would have to be the answer to the riddle itself. And is it reasonable to give the answer before the question is even asked?

(I don’t think so.)

So you’ll have to bear with me that for now, the title is Titleless. I really am looking for a title, though, and a subtle-doesn’t-give-the-answer type, so if you have any ideas in that magnificent mind of yours, do let me know. 🙂

And here we go:



When you seek me, I’m not there
When you wish me gone, I’m everywhere
I am weightless but surprisingly quite measurable
I am promising, alluring, yet may be ironically regrettable
I am stronger than a tsunami in the sense I am unstoppable
Yet weaker than a memory for I am unretreivable
I’m symbolized by the swift, gentle trickling of sand
I am a reason the four seasons dress up the land.

I exist, and yet I’ve never been alive
For how can I live if I can never die?
I am invisible, colorless, soundless and yet undeniable
You think I’m yours truly but I’m not that reliable
I am the secret ingredient to the tasteful perception
Of a half-full or half-empty cup discussion
To visually imagine me, allow me to further explain:
Consider your life a photograph; then I am its frame.

I am given many names
And might be treated like a game
You try compartmentalizing me into perfectly neat blocks
As if I’m really as predictable as the ticking of a clock
I am often undervalued and misused
Worth no monetary value and hence abused
Yet I am worth much, much more, if you but only knew
Then perhaps you might change the way of the things you do.


Use me wisely, and you shall be blessed
Use me ignorantly, and it is to your distress
It’s easier said than done, ‘tis true
I speak to the riddler before speaking to you
You’ve probably realized that this riddle rhymes
So likely you’ll guess the answer in the last line
Now who am I, in this rhyme?
It is I, and I am …



~ May peace be upon you,



One comment on “Poetic Riddle: Titleless

  1. Nice! Very well written!
    In the first few couplets I was thinking “the self”, then quickly figured it out 😉
    the verse describing time having no monetary value, was the definite final clue, because I was just thinking last night about how if time was used as a currency, no one would be rich 🙂

    This also reminds me of some Arabic poetic couplets I have on my bedroom wall:
    الدهر يفترس الرجال فلا تكن…ممن تطيشه المناصب و الرُتَب
    و احذر الزلات و اجتنب الأسى … و اعلم بأن الدهر شيمته العَطَب
    كم نعمةٍ زالت بأصغر نقمةٍ…و لكل شيء في تقلبه سَبَب

    More of a warning on the pitfalls of time passing by without being cautious and vigilant.

    Bravo Aya, truly remarkable 🙂

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