Breast Cancer Blind Imitation

You know what ticks me off? It’s when someone notices a trend going around, and, without thinking rationally about whether or not there is actually a noble output to this action, blindly joins, and believes she is making the world a better place by raising ‘awareness’.

Are you confused? Let me walk you down the past 3 years’ weak forms of “breast cancer awareness” sparked all over Facebook.


  • 2 YEARS AGO (2010) : Colors

There was this huge pandemonium that girls on Facebook created, supposedly only between themselves. Each girl had to put her bra color (the one she was currently wearing) as her Facebook status without saying what the color was related to. (i.e. red, blue, turquoise-with-polka dots, etc). Eventually it caught the guys’ attention– why was every girl’s status a color or a colorful description? What could it mean? Eventually, word leaked out it was bra color.

Excuse me, but can you explain to me how that was breast cancer awareness?


Did the world become a better place as a result of exposing your bra color? Did anyone REALLY get anything out of that except having an excuse to exclude an entire gender?

Seriously, tell me, why can’t men and women raise awareness together? Breast cancer affects mostly women but men have women in their families as well, and this must impact them also.

  • ONE YEAR AGO – 2011 : Purses

Since the trend was so popular the year before, the facebook statuses got a bit bolder this year. Every girl began inboxing every other girl to “put your status where you like to put your purse.” For example: I like it on the floor, I like it on the counter, I like it on the bed… ETC. You get the point. A seemingly very innocent statement is turned sexual when the context is not well-defined, and this wasn’t accidental; it was deliberate.

Most, if not all these girls would protest it was a heroic act to raise breast cancer awareness. But I don’t think the male species quite got it that way, and neither, by the way, did I. To me, it looked like a lame way of having an excuse to put a dirty/sexual status without feeling ashamed of doing so.


  • THIS YEAR – 2012: Shoe size & Hairdo

It seems to be getting worse every year. Miraculously, this trend is still popular, because there are individuals who would blindly go with the flow than think for themselves.

I just found out what this year’s theme is. My sister just finished politely replying to her friend that it was too inappropriate for her and she would not be participating. Here is the theme: “put your shoe size in inches, and how long it takes to do your hair in the mirror.”

… I won’t bother giving examples, I’m sure you get the picture.



Now you may or may not be one of those people who uphold the belief that these flimsy statuses will cure breast cancer. But regardless who you are, if you really care about making a difference, there are more effective ways to do so.

  • If you want to use Facebook, post up facts about breast cancer, the amount of people it affects, statistics, etc.
  • You can raise money through a bake sale.
  • You can attend or get others to attend a  documentary screening.
  • You can donate, etc.

Again, I voice the question: Why must raising awareness necessarily exclude the male gender on Facebook? Are we trying to raise awareness for men or for people in general?

Always ask yourself what your intention is in committing an action, even if it’s as insignificant as a Facebook status or a tweet. If the only answer you can come up with is “because everyone else is doing it”… well, that’s not so well actually.

God gave us all brains. For a reason. USE IT.





4 comments on “Breast Cancer Blind Imitation

  1. Wonderful article – I completely agree with you:
    “To me, it looked like a lame way of having an excuse to put a dirty/sexual status without feeling ashamed of doing so.”

    This entire “campaign” seems like an excuse to legitimize sexual innuendos under the banner of ‘breast cancer awareness’ – it sickens me to see people taking advantage of a noble cause in this manner.

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