When It’s Genuine, It’s Beautiful

You often hear people say they have no poetic ability simply because they’ve never done it.

I beg to disagree. The only time the above statement is true is when one thinks of poetry as an official form of writing. If poetry is a set of criteria to fulfill grammatically and structurally, then sure, OK, not everyone can do it.

But if you, like me, see poetry as anything genuine flowing from the heart, then you’re a poet. You can be a poet in words, writing, speech but also in painting, in photography, even in those beautiful acts of kindness.


One of my best friends sent me a poem she spontaneously wrote. She doesn’t usually write poems, so I was very, very honored she would choose to share this with me. I thought it was so heartfelt it deserved to be posted (with her permission, of course). I especially liked how the tone went from one of despair to one of hope and love.


Something About ME You’ll Never Know

Sometimes our heart seems to be crumbling
Each breath feels heavy
We don’t know what to do
Eyes are streaming of burning tears
Feeling so alone
No one to turn to
Everything falling apart
The world not making any sense
Mind is racing
Trying to turn back time
But time wont let me move forward
Always some painful memory creeping inside my head

I can’t see clearly
Fighting with myself
To defend another soul
But can’t find any more reasons for this to be ok
Every time I feel something is right
The sharp pain in my stomach starts ripping at my inside
The pain plunging into my heart
Feeling lost for words

Losing everything
When I had nothing

Always a stranger
Always the alien to everyone’s life
Always trying to explain myself when no one else tries to explain themselves
Yet why do I try so hard to make everyone happy
When I feel like I’m always the target

Never getting a chance to be me
But only a figment of everyone’s imagination
For once i would love to be acknowledged without some sleezy comment

I want to run into someones arms
Holding me tight and telling me everything will be ok
Having someone to rely on
Someone to empathize with me for once
And being strong for me
Holding me when I’m broken
And being patient to let me come back to my feet
Allowing me the chance to come back to reality

Knowing you’ll be by my side will only make me stronger
Someone to compliment me
Not criticize me
Knowing what makes me happy and what breaks me apart
Helping me find the balance in life
When i can’t find it
I need a rock
I need God

God won’t leave me
He will only protect me
Bless me with the right kind of people
Some may be tests
Others will be gold
They’ll shine
They’ll be kind
So wise
So strong
So courageous
And all they do will be right
I wait for the day that i will be blessed enough to know someone like that

Someone who will be mine
A Friend



There you go. As I see poetry, and as I see life… When it’s genuine, it’s beautiful.

Salam / Peace,


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