I was going through a past course’s notes to refresh my memory on a physics concept, when I came across this in my notebook. I don’t remember ever writing it, but it is in my handwriting, so I must’ve done it during a metro ride one day (as usual). Anyways, here it is.


You know what sort of intrigues me,
What I find is just a tiny bit cheesy?

It’s when someone asks you, in one word,
To accurately describe him or her.
Have you ever asked this?
I have in the past, yes, I confess
Then I think about it now, and how absurd it is
Feel free to disagree, it’s not my business…
See, a human being is not like a doll
In which one word, its trademark, can sum it all
You cannot expect someone to truly know you
When you yourself have no clue.
When you look to the unseen, take closer looks:
Describing you would take tens of books
If you took the time and contemplated
You would see that you are, in fact, quite complicated.
You might smile and laugh, while despairing inside
You might eagerly socialize when you just want to hide
You could act humble and noble while your ego really swells
You may look focused and concerned while your thoughts away dwell.
You might’ve once felt doubt, yet people admired you
So you convinced yourself you’re on the right path, too
You don’t try to think when they do the thinking for you
Of your own intentions, often you don’t have a clue.
Do your words portray a distant reality
That don’t quite fit your inner personality?
Or does your heart display different emotions
Than what you claim to feel as you go through the motions?
And yet we ask of others, outsiders of our souls
To put a word, a label to ourselves, that enhance our egos
So when asked to be described in one word, it’s best stated:
“You and me both… we’re complicated.”
Sometime in Year 2010-2011

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