Don’t Time Travel


“Don’t time travel. Regretting the past or worrying about the future is AUTOMATIC bad multi-tasking. It means you’re not focused on right now. Your brain is somewhere else and then by definition less productive right now. It’s all filled up with no extra space.


How to avoid time travel?

  1. Catch yourself doing it.
  2. Remind yourself these are “not useful thoughts”
  3. Breathe in and feel the air against your nostrils. This puts you immediately in the present.
  4. Think of all the sounds you can hear right now. This also puts you in the immediate present. Your brain, which is your time travel machine, is begging you not to do this. It keeps yelling, “HEY OVER THERE! I’M STUCK IN THE FUTURE! COME GET ME!” But it’s a trap. Don’t listen to it.
  5. Acknowledge what you should be focused on at this present moment. If you have nothing in front of you maybe just enjoy that you    have no tasks right now. It’s a great pleasure to be a zero-tasker. I want to be a zero-tasker more and more in my life right now.


6. “But”, you might say, “I really do have to worry about X and Y!” Ok, acknowledge you feel the need RIGHT NOW to worry. That doesn’t mean you HAVE to worry. It’s just a feeling that you have right now. How does it feel in your body right now. Watch it. Feel it. Let it get bored and disappear.”

James Althucher

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