Welcome! :D

Hey everyone! Salam! Bonjour! Marhaba! (Etc.)

Welcome to my blog site. My name is Aya, Canadian young woman originating from Palestine, specifically Khalil (a.k.a by Arab standards I’m labelled as hard-headed and stubborn but that’s just, really, a common stereotype).

En plus, I am a science-teacher-in-the-making, with a passion for reading, writing, authentic dabka, drawing, video editing, painting, Bollywood dancing (not that I can do it) and more.

I’d like to clarify what you can expect to see in this blog. It will not be a diary of my life. It will be a compilation of lovely pictures, inspirational quotes, meaningul text, poetry, food for thought, religion & spirituality, humor, world event awareness, and perhaps entries of certain incidents that life lessons can be derived from.

Really, it’s going to be a mix of about everything. I can’t tell right now. But I hope it will be worth the reader’s time.

I wish you a most beautiful day filled with warmth and blessings. 🙂

Peace out,


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