No More Chocolate?!

I love chocolate. I really do.


But I’m not going to insist I do. I’m sure you believe me. My guess is, most likely (there are exceptions) you probably love chocolate, too.

You can see how shocked I felt when I read this chocolate-related article… how our pleasure is someone else’s pain:

Of course, after my outrage and furious outbursts, I still continued eating chocolate. Who said MY chocolate was necessary made under brutal, inhumane conditions, right? I convinced myself well enough.

For a while, anyways.

But when I come across the fact that 8/10… I repeat, 80% of chocolate we eat is slavery made… my appetite is lost.

It is so disgusting that humans have gotten to the barbaric stage of using any means just to justify their ends (which, by the way, are unjustifiable.) Human greed is repulsive, and yet so many are drawn and buy into it. Even us “innocents”, who do not enslave others, continue our unnecessary habits because we can’t find the will to stop.

I’m not saying we should absolutely ban chocolate for life. I’m just recommending, maybe we can tone it down a bit… And raise our voices that much more.

No more chocolate?! Will MY actions alone end human trafficking? Will it end the suffering and unjust treatment of others?

Probably not. But it will soothe my own conscience, and at the end of the day, that’s all you really got.


2 comments on “No More Chocolate?!

  1. you can eat chocolate, just need a bit of research of which companies that offer fair-trade chocolates or a look for label that says a ‘certifie equitable’ (black and white , kind of a ying-yang logo of a person holding a pot) .it’s definitely more expensive, but then again, you can cut down on the quantity!

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