I Call It Hypocrisy

I turn left, I turn right,

And yet it all obscures my sight

As I wonder, it this all real?

Will this world ever heal?

Human rights are emphasized with the aristocracy

While influential individuals are shunned in society

Where lies become truth and truth becomes lies

And oppression looks like freedom in disguise.

And we live in a fantasy that we are free

Though this freedom costs heavily what we cannot see

The rich get wealthier because the needy get poorer

The voiced get louder because the silenced get slaughtered.

What we cannot confront

Becomes an affront

A perception unpleasant yet vivid

Makes us become livid

Whatever we hate deeply–

That is human, ceases to be,

That is reality, becomes a conspiracy,

That is controversial, becomes inertial,

That is unknown, becomes postponed,

That is weighty, becomes a mockery.

And by the hour, lives are shattered,

And by the angered, intentions are soured

And by the corrupted, heroes becomes cowards

Democracy for a nation, tyranny for the rest

Ignore the majority of the world, as long as a minority are blessed

And I will not even begin to name all the countries who helplessly call–

Call for help from the nations that brought upon their downfall

Tears of joy from one end, tears of sorrow from the other

Imprison the freedom fighters, and hide the criminals under cover.

What affronts us,

Is labelled a lie thus

What makes us livid

Shall be ridded

Whatever we desire—

That is inhuman, becomes required,

That is unrealistic, becomes inspired,

That is immoral, becomes admired,

That is worthless, becomes entire,

That is backwards, becomes acquired.

And by the second,

Injustice is beckoned–

Is this really the perfect democracy?

…Yeah, Right.

Because all I see is hypocrisy.


May.10, 2009

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